Stand By Rescue

Starting from the beginning, Midwestern Services has provided our confined space rescue services personnel for our own tank cleaning crews which was initially conceived as a way to offer a turnkey storage tank cleaning product to our clients inclusive of all facets related to confined space entry.  confined space rescue servicesToday, MSI offers stand-by confined space rescue services for others during repair work, inspections and various other type of activities that require the need of a rescue team.

As a safety-sensitive organization, Midwestern Services makes safety our number one priority. Our highest objective is protecting our clients and our employees from harm.

MSI offers stand-by rescue services that meet all OSHA requirements.  MSI employees are trained and re-certified yearly at our own in-house facility to supplement both confined space entry experiences as well as other scenarios where stand-by rescue is required.  The  rescue crew supplies all back-up equipment including air monitoring equipment, ropes, cables, pulley/winch systems, rescue harnesses, immobilization devices, lighting equipment and breathing apparatus.Midwestern Services Trailer

Each year, hundreds of industry workers suffer needless injury, even death, due to inadequate and sometimes non-existent Confined Space Entry Programs. MSI provides both Stand-By, as well as, Confined Space Rescue-trained personnel to manage the confined space and monitor the access and egress of all employees. This ensures that no unauthorized or improperly trained and equipped personnel enter the potentially hazardous work environment. If the client does not have trained entry personnel, MSI can provide clients with a full-time on-site confined space entry & rescue crew. MSI stand-by rescue crews arrive equipped with the necessary training and rescue equipment. Most importantly, we provide peace of mind through our professionalism, expertise, and diligence.