When a Midwestern crew arrives at a job site, you can be assured they will arrive with a complete inventory of specialized tank cleaning equipment. Our equipment trailers have been modified and improved through over 30 years of experience. All equipment is either pneumatic or hydraulic actuated to conform to the hazardous environment inherent to the tank cleaning industry. We provide pumping equipment that is designed to handle viscous tank bottoms. Each equipment trailer is equipped with:The Right Equipment for the Tank Cleaning Job

  • A diesel powered hydraulic power unit
  • An assortment of hydraulically powered pumps
  • Hydraulic hoses, air hoses, 4” & 6” discharge hoses
  • Air diaphragm pumps, air winches, air powered eductor fan
  • A breathing air filtering unit, supplied air respirators, air hose
  • An inventory of safety equipment
  • An inventory of check valves, fittings, tools
  • An inventory of repair parts, gaskets, consumables items

Having the right equipment on the job site saves time and keeps your out-of-service time to a minimum.